Eric Ebron Is On The Trading Block!

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Detroit Lions are listening on offers on starting tight end Eric Ebron. Many Lions fans have been very displeased with Ebron ever since thety drafted him with the 10th overall pick back in the 2014 NFL Draft. He has had many drops and penalties that have costed the Lions many momentums and drives they had going strong in key games. Lions General Manager Bob Quinn will have an important decision on Ebron who is entering his final contract year with the team this upcoming season. There has been rumors that the Lions could trade Ebron and then sign free-agent tight end Jimmy Graham. Ebron actually had more receiving yards and a bit more yards per catch than Graham did this past season. It's the inconsistency that scares not only Lions fans, but the front office as well when dealing with Ebron. He was a lot better of a player after this past trade deadline, but that was the first time in his NFL career he had consistency for once. If Ebron is around for one more season, he will have to put up career numbers or show game in and game out he can be a starting tight end for the Lions for years to come. 

P.S. he has had me blocked on Twitter for the past couple of years...

Photo: Getty Images



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