Brand New Shinedown Has Been Released!

The guys from Shinedown have just released their brand new single "Devil" from the new upcoming album named " Attnetion Attention." The new record will be released to the public on May 4th, via Atlantic Records. This will be the band's sixth studio album, and they have had MAJOR success with previous singles released from those albums. According to Billboard: vocalist Brent Smith says 'DEVIL" is about being afraid, 'DEVIL' is about being terrified of not only yourself, in some respects, but the world around you, and understanding that there are so many things and so many different situations and people and places and atmospheres and exposure that human beings are put in front of on a daily basis, and the world can be a really difficult place to navigate. So that's where the story starts." That gives us an interesting insight on how this album will sound as a whole when it is fully released in a couple of months. My opinion of the song as a whole is that, it is defitnley a tad different sound than the "normal" Shinedown sound in a way., but I still like it quite a bit! The chorus will draw your attention right away and it is a solid choice as the first single. It will be interesting hear more songs from this album in the future. 

Photo: Getty Images



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