Jeff Gutt Explains How He Helped With STP's New Album

Detroit's own Jeff Gutt, is currently enjoying himself with his new gig as the frontman for the popular 90's grunge band Stone Temple Pilots. He states (courtsey of alternative nation) "Dean called me up and said, ‘Hey, what are you doing? We’re getting to the mix stage of this album and wanted to see if you were interested.” And I said, “Of course!” And now, I’m doing it. I had already mixed the first single ‘Meadow’, which was an audition to get the whole album. Having that prior chemistry with the guys really helped him solidify being part of the band permantely. They will be releasing a brand new full length album for the first time in eight years, It is self-titled and will be released on March 16th. Jeff Gutt does have a very similar type of voice that Scott Weiland did, and it makes a lot of sense why he is the guy who will help lead the band into a new era of rock n roll. Sure, a lot of people will miss all the dancing and entertaining kind of things Scott would do on stage, but I believe Jeff will fit in just fine at live shows the more he gets accustomed to performing with the guys. 



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