Random Thoughts on Super Bowl 52

Well Super Bowl 52 is in the books.  I watched the game at home with my two boys, ages 4 and 6 who could've cared less.  I'll give my four year old a pass.  I mean, he's four.  But when I was 6, I'm pretty sure sports was the most important thing in my life.  Anyway, here's my random observations from last night.

Does Cris Collinsworth want to have sex with Tom Brady?

Are the Bud Light "Dilly Dilly" commercials the dumbest commercials ever?  Or genius?

Do you think Tom and Giselle have a bad marriage?  She looks bored sitting there drinking her wine.  I mean what do they talk about at the dinner table each night?

Oh yeah, Groupon.  Forgot about that.

Bill Belichick changes out of a suit pre-game to looking like a homeless person.

(4 year old) "What's Dilly Dilly mean".  (Me)  "uhhhhhh"

Where will Nick Foles play next season?

Hey Jim Schwartz!

Oh yeah, the Olympics.  Forgot about that.

"Music's biggest night"?  That's a stretch.

Tom Brady said he's not nervous?  They're gonna lose.

Wow the Eagles are good.

This version of "We Will Rock You" kicks ass.

(Me to 6 year old).  "Hey Justin Timberlake is coming up".  (6 year old)  "Ok dad, I don't really want to watch it"

What's left shark up to tonight?

How do you think Bradley Cooper got invited to the owner's suite?

Does Al Michaels even care anymore?  

Don't tell me this call is going to get turned over?  Damn refs.

Justin Timberlake is really trying to get this kid to show some emotion.  

A Prince tribute in Minneapolis is fitting.  

I wonder what the Revolution is up to these days?

Do you think Matt Patricia will ever coach in a Super Bowl again?

What time is it? I have to get these kids to bed.

Did Al Michaels just say the Pistons will be hiring Matt Patricia.  He doesn't care anymore.

No Cris Collinsworth, that play from Tom Brady was not "breathtaking".  The Grand Canyon is "breathtaking".

The Eagles coach has some serious balls.  I like this guy.

I can't see Tide without thinking of dumb ass kids eating these things.

These commercials suck.

I'm tired.

Will Philadelphia exist tomorrow?


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