Pamela Anderson Says Tommy Lee Lost It Over Love Scene

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Pamela Anderson is dishing about her ex-husband Tommy Lee's behavior.

The actress is releasing her memoir, “Love Pamela,” and a Netflix documentary, “Pamela: A Love Story.”

In a new interview, she talked about the rampant jealousy in her marriage to the Mötley Crüe drummer saying, “Tommy was so jealous. I thought, ‘that’s what love is.’”

She also talked about an outburst Lee had following a scene she had on Baywatch.

She said, “I had to kiss David Chokachi but I didn’t tell Tommy. He lost it. He trashed my trailer on the set, put his fist through a cabinet. I apologized for not telling him, lying, as he put it, and told him it wouldn’t happen again."

Anderson says Lee went on to drive his car into the makeup trailer and then he disappeared.

Soon after, Anderson tried to overdose on vodka and Advil.

Have you ever had a jealous partner? How did you handle it?

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