Southwest Airlines Cancels More Flights As Problems Continue


Photo: Getty Images

Southwest Airlines is back to cancelling dozens of flights just as it started to get back on track. As of Monday, the airline carrier cancelled 3-percent of its flights and delayed another 10-percent. For perspective, that’s 160 flights canceled and 422 delayed. Most of these flights were connected to blustery conditions around Denver International Airport.

Though Southwest blamed this whole debacle on bad weather, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg pushed back saying, "the thousands of cancellations by Southwest in recent days have not been because of the weather." Buttigieg wrote a letter to Southwest’s CEO Robert Jordan reminding him that all the other airlines were dealing with the same weather issues and were able to recover quickly.

A spokesperson for Southwest said the airline is "operating a normal schedule" Monday and went on to say they are "pleased" with Southwest’s recent.

Source: CBS News

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