UFO Guitarist Says He Doesn't Understand Why Ozzy Has Fans

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Ozzy Osbourne’s latest project, Patient Number 9, has proven to be the most successful album of his career. And no one is more baffled by that than UFO guitarist Neil Carter.

Carter says while he has nothing against Osbourne on a personal level, he’s amazed that someone with such marginal talent could attract audiences for as long as he has. “I mean, I’ve never been a fan of Ozzy’s voice,” Carter says. “I like Ozzy himself, and he’s a very funny man -- extremely funny guy. I used to watch the audience – 19 to 20,000 people going bonkers – and watching Ozzy stomping around the stage. I mean, it’s a very strange thing. I’ve never quite understood the appeal of Ozzy, but people love him.”

The guitarist goes on to speculate that Osbourne’s real talent is surrounding himself with people who make him look good. “People actually think he’s the best thing ever, but he’s always had really good people with him,” Carter continues. “If you just had Ozzy on his own, it would be a slightly different story.”

Has Ozzy been incredibly lucky? Or has his career been meticulously mapped out to make sure he continues being successful?

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