GoingPRO with Rachel Forester and Casey

What GoingPRO is about: The need for professional trade talent has never been greater. These highly skilled individuals are in extraordinary demand for careers in healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing, construction and automotive. Professional trades let you leverage your talents, work ethic and know-how to do things that matter. To help design and build our future in jobs that are vital to keeping Michigan healthy, strong and growing. And while these individuals are making a difference in the community, they are also bringing home the kind of paycheck that will make a difference in their lives. Oh yeah, and if you’re still not convinced, these careers often require less schooling and less debt than a traditional four-year degree. To elevate the perception of professional trades and showcase the opportunities in a variety of rewarding careers, GoingPRO in Michigan was created. For generations, these types of careers have been treated as inferior. But now, it is time to level the playing field.