The Cure, 'Love Song' - Anne's Valentine's Day Pick

Happy Valentine's Day, guys! I figured this song would be appropriate for a Valentine's Day tune. The Cure's "Love Song" has an epic history. The song arrived in the late '80s and gave the Cure their most successful single in the U.S. thus far. 

I really dig the cover of this song by 311, but plenty of other musicians have covered "Love Song." Adele, Good Charlotte, A Perfect Circle, Death Cab for Cutie and Anberlin are just a few of the artists that have also paid tribute to the song. 

Speaking of Valentine's Day, a few other songs of my V-Day playlist include R.E.M., "The One I Love," the Cure's "Friday I'm in Love," U2's "Sweetest Thing" and the Verve's "Sonnet." 

In other Cure news, the band is reportedly working on a 40th anniversary documentary with director Tim Pope.

What are your favorite Valentine's Day songs? Let me know! XO 



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