Ump who blew perfect game for Tigers, retires

Jim Joyce, the first base umpire who blew this call almost 7 years ago is retiring before this 2017 season.

The obvious missed call cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game and would have been the first in Tigers history. 

I can remember SCREAMING at my TV that night and wanting to find Jim Joyce and hang him by his toes for blowing an obvious call my 9 year old son could have made.

When Joyce owned up to his mistake, clearly emotional, I changed my tune. 

Joyce showed immense courage and class in his error, and equally as classy was Galarraga who had every reason to be out-of-his-mind mad.

This is why baseball is great, and I'll never forget this play and took the time to explain sportsmanship and class to my son.

Enjoy retirement Jim Joyce and GO TIGERS



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